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Like many people, I’m sure you would like to be able to turn back the effects of aging, in particular on the skin around your eyes, but it is not easy to find a product that will actually do this for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market with big names behind them, that you may think are good, but turn out to be just hype.

Elite Serum on the other hand is a product that may be help you to turn back the effects of time when you want to, and to be able to do it easily and without any need for surgery, or injections.

Firstly I’ll go ahead and explain how Elite Serum works in regards to helping you look younger. After that I’ll show you some honest words from people who have actually tried Elite Serum and seen results.


Does Elite Serum Work?

I’ve done a lot of research on them and I would like to think that I will be able to answer that in this review of the product and whether it matches up to the claims being made about it.

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What Is Elite Serum?

Elite-Serum-RXElite Serum is a an anti wrinkle eye serum that has been developed by a guy called Irwin Grams, who is a leading and award winning cosmetic pharmacist who has over 37yrs in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Uses high concentration of pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA in advanced FDA licensed research laboratory
  • Scientifically designed & safe to use
  • This is NOT an injection – works like ‘Botox’ BUT without any pain!
  • Contains scientifically advanced peptides – proven to cause DNA rejuvenation
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Seaweed extract base as used in most expensive serums – top quality at affordable prices


What Can Be Treated

The key ingredient used in Elite Serum is called Argireline,  along with other powerful ingredients that have been put together to help treat:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Eye wrinkles
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Sun-damaged skin.


What Is Argireline?

Argireline has been around for years and is the name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. It suddenly became a household name when it was featured on the Dr. Oz show.

During the show Dr. Oz asked viewers how hold a woman who appeared on his show called Diana was. The general view following a poll was that she was 53yrs, when in actual fact she was only 44yrs old.

To combat the affect of her eyes, which made her look older than she actually was, Dr. Oz recommended an ingredient called argireline which later went on to drastically change her life.

Argireline is a wrinkle relaxing ingredient that has been described as the ‘best needle free alternative to botox injections’.  It works in a similar way to Botox, by relaxing the facial muscles in order to stop wrinkles from appearing. Being non toxic and safe to use it is now being used in many of the eye creams and anti wrinkles creams that you can find on the market.

It is however claimed by skin care experts that in order for a skin care product to have a real effect on your skin, it must contain a concentration of argireline of between 5-10%. Anything less will have little effect.

Elite Serum  is claimed to contain the highest concentration of Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides – Argireline, SNAP-8, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, Matrixyl-3000 and Syn-Coll, which I will go into more detail later in this review.


What Results Should You Get

The positive effects of argireline are well documented both online and in laboratory research.

A clinical study that was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that acetyl hexapeptide-3 (argireline) used at a 10% concentration was shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles up to 30% after 30 days of use.

What Elite Serum Can Do

In another study by Center Chem, an open label-trial of 5% Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 cream applied twice daily on 10 women demonstrated a 27% improvement in periorbital rhytids after 30 days as measured by silicone replica analysis

These results really do show that this is a product that need to be taken seriously, which is no doubt why Dr. Oz and other people featured it.


Who Are The Company Behind Elite Serum?

The company behind Elite Serum is Skin Pro who were established in 2009. They have combined years of dedicated scientific research by a world class team of cosmetic pharmacists and chemists. Products are manufactured in the USA in an advanced FDA licensed research laboratory.

Manufactured Standards

The SkinPro CTO states

“We’ve used Argireline in several of our anti wrinkle products and are a major importer of cosmeceutical products.  Our laboratory has been at the forefront of blending peptides together to make the best skin rejuvenation creams and daily maintenance products for healthier skin. We owe a lot of our success to the makers of Argireline as it’s been a lynchpin in many of our formulas that help our customers look younger.”

In addition to the best selling Elite Serum, Skin Pro has a pending patent for a cold-activated skin cream.

The company continues to build its line of boutique skin products from its South Florida location and supplies many select boutique distributors in North America and sells products around the world, where it has also been a success in Europe and Australia.


Endorsements & Elite Serum Reviews

The most respected cosmetic surgery medical journal in the world, Plastic Surgery Practice, praised Elite Serum for its potency and efficacy in an unsolicited editorial, describing it as “An anti-aging breakthrough”.

Dr WeisDr. Mark Weis, MD, University of Kansas School of Medicine and Multiply Published Veteran Primary Care Physician, stated

“As a physician specializing in anti aging medicine, I am very happy I was made aware of Elite Serum. My patients experience has confirmed its impressive effectiveness in reducing age related skin concerns such as crows feet, wrinkling fine lines, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Because many cosmetic products are poorly researched and ineffective, quality and safet-oriented physicians like me usually won’t recommend them because they have not demonstrated to be both effective and safe in medical studies. Happily this is not the case with Elite Serum! As a physician concerned with my patients safety, I find the research effort provided by the Elite Serum’s creators very reassuring, and am very pleased that physicians like me now have a reliable recommendations for patients suffering from age related skin concerns”.


Customer Reviews of Elite Serum

When reviewing a product like this, I always like to spend time to find real independent customer reviews, rather than rely on reviews that appear on the products website (although these are covered by FTC standards and must confirm to their strict guidelines). Here are just a selection of the vast number of reviews that I have found:

“I tried it under my eyes and within 2 weeks I could notice the dark circles I had battled my whole life were virtually gone. Puffiness disappeared shortly after. I will be ordering again, thanks Karla for the recommendation”.  Julie9 –

“I love the serum itself. It’s clear and odorless, non sticky and glides on effortlessly. I am able to apply my under eye makeup within minutes. This serum doesn’t dry my skin either, it’s very hydrating.

After 2 weeks of use, my dark circles are significantly lighter and it’s making my fine lines less noticeable. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is looking for an eye treatment miracle!”   Stacey Palmer –

“I have seen many advertisements for anti-aging products and was skeptical of claims made in the ads. A friend of mine had used Elite Serum and raved about the difference in her skin after only a few applications. After the first week, I was amazed at the appearance of my skin. It was as if I had turned back time. The circles and puffiness under my eyes were disappearing. My frown lines and crow’s feet became less visible. My skin felt smoother and looked toned. Much to my surprise, I looked radiant and years younger.

Elite Serum not only transformed my skin, this fantastic product changed me from a skeptic to a believer” . Kathy Kerr

“People always tell me I look tired when I skip makeup or wear only a little. I have dark circles and puffy eyes at the drop of a hat. I noticed minor but almost immediate results after a few days, and after about a month, the dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines are nearly invisible. I don’t like to be vain and say I’ve never looked better, but it’s TRUE! Elite serum goes with me whenever I travel and I would be lost without it!”   Amanda Matusiak – Trust Pilot Mar 2015

“Serial skeptic here, and had my doubts about anti aging creams and serums in general, so I consulted a friend who works in a clinic dedicated to aging treatments. She read the label and said “its worth a shot with all the peptides in the product.”
Took a leap of faith, applied diligently, drank a lot of H2O to support healthy skin, and within 14 days noticed a difference around the corners of my eyes. After 30, many age spots were drastically reduced, and my skin had a more supple feel to it. I know my skin well, and it feels much more firm and smooth then it did prior to use.”  Alexandra – Trust Pilot Mar 2015

When searching reviews and endorsements on the internet I found that virtually all were favorable. These came from a number of independent sources.

All stated that although they were skeptical at first, having used the product they found that the effect of fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and puffiness diminished with use of the product.  There were only a small handful of reviewers that stated the product did not work for them which is what you would expect for any product.

The product also worked well on both women and men of all ages.



  • Argireline –  brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3
  • SYN-TC – Increases the production of Collagen for smoother skin
  • SNAP-8 –  An anti wrinkle octapeptide that is claimed to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles
  • Haloxyl, also known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 – reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Eyeliss 3 – active peptide molecules designed to rapidly and effectively reduce puffiness and bag volume under the eyes by over 70% upon application
  • Matrixyl 3000 – Acts in synergy to restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance.
  • Inyline – To reduce line depth
  • SYN-Coll – stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts – making skin look younger
  • Natural seaweed extracts – Improves skin appearance and reduces dryness
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Designed to slow and hide the effects of aging




Things To Watch For When Getting Hold Of Elite Serum

Skin CareThis particular product has been proven to work with many different people of both sexes and all ages,  in many different countries and situations as you saw in the reviews earlier. But it must be stressed that this anti-aging product is not an instant miracle cure, that you simply apply and your wrinkles will go.

So if you are not willing to commit to this and spend at least 4-6 weeks on this treatment, you are not likely to see results. It needs to be applied morning and evening to clean dry skin, before any other makeup or treatments are applied to your skin. The company state that maximum benefits will be seen following 6 months of regular application, however from reviews, you should see a difference after the first month so you can decide whether to continue or not.



Advice on Buying

How To BuyIf you are planning to try this particular product here are some things you really should know.

  • Firstly by buying direct from the manufacturer you can save 33% off the standard price.
  • Shipping is available anywhere in the world.

Some people have seen this on certain websites at an alleged cheaper price, but often this can be an inferior version of the product that’s been pirated and does not contain the correct ingredients. Make sure that you never fall for one of these scams. The official website is at the bottom of this page.

I have also found this available on Amazon, but at a greatly inflated price of $99.95, so be aware.


Satisfaction Guarantee

guaranteedThe product comes with a unique satisfaction guarantee that states “If results do not exceed your highest expectations, please contact customer service. Not every skin care product works the same for every person and exact skin type and composition. For this reason, this unlimited Satisfaction Guarantee includes a free personal evaluation of each individual case by one of our skin care professionals.

Following this consultation, a detailed recommendation will be made as to the appropriate product treatment going forward and a one of our full custom formulated replacement products will be provided at absolutely no charge for evaluation and use going forward. We will keep in touch with you to make sure that you are 100% happy with the resolution and treatment.”


My Recommendation

Based on all of my extensive research, we believe that Elite Serum is a product that really can help you reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and other related aging conditions to the face.

It’s available at the moment at a special reduction of 33% off the normal price, provided you purchase direct from the manufacturer (as I covered above).

For these reasons and more we believe that Elite Serum gets our full recommendation.


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