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We All Get Older Each Day


Sadly we all have to accept that we all get old. People will react differently to this as this happens. The problems start however when you can see visible signs of aging. These include:

      • Your bodies immune system will decrease
      • You may develop arthritis
      • Aching joints and pains that you never had before
      • Your muscles may start to sag
      • Age spots start to appear 

And the list goes on, and we all seem to accept these conditions and there is very little that we can do about them except to go to the doctor and try to get them to treat the condition.


How Aging Changes Your Facial Appearance

There is one area though that people really start to notice as they reach their early 30’s and that is in your facial skins appearance.

      • The laughter lines that you never had before start to show through
      • Crows feet around the eyes are suddenly there
      • Bags under your eyes start to appear
      • Your facial skin starts to become dryer and starts flaking 

When you start to develop these, you may be afraid to look in the mirror and want to know what to do about them, this is when the problems start to arise. You may go into your pharmacist to get advice and they will try and sell you a fancy product, with no guarantees it will help you. Chances are it will just turn out to be an expensive moisturizer.


This Also Applies To Men As Well

young man with anti-wrinkle creamYou must also remember that everything that has been covered here also applies to men as well as women. In the 21st century where appearance and a healthy lifestyle is important we all want to look good.


Elite Eye Serum Review


But there may be help at hand. There has been a lot of Elite Eye serum reviews in the press of late praising what it can do. So let’s just take a quick look at what a product such as Elite Eye Serum has to tackle.

You need to get one thing straight first of all – we cannot turn back time. If a product on the market says you can – they are lying…fact! But what you can do is to reduce the effects of aging on the skin itself, in particular around the eyes. This means that you can reduce the effects of the crows feet, reduce the bags under your eyes and overall make your skin look much fresher and younger in appearance.


Here are some tips that you need to take note of


What is Your Goal?

Yes, your goal is to actually slow down the effects of aging. You see it everywhere. Celebrities who once started to look old, suddenly wiped 20 years off themselves. But how do they do it. Apart from the obvious plastic surgery which I would never entertain, there are some skin treatments that you can use which will have an effect.


Is There Such a Thing as an Instant Treatment?

No, there is not. Even plastic surgery is not instant and will cause a lot of heartache and pain. If you want to go down this route then good for you, I won’t and never will. Just look at some of those people who it has not worked for. Look at some of those high profile figures who look as if there skin has been tightened and they cannot smile anymore.

The only instant treatment I know about is that of Botox injections which cost a fortune and are temporary. When overused it really looks fake!


Skin & Eye Serums

You will find everywhere anti-aging serums and creams that are flooding the market all saying that they will take years off your life. But who do you believe?

The beauty business is worth billions of dollars every year and there is a lot of money that the big beauty houses can throw into a new product to package it really good and create the hype with it being endorsed by a celebrity. They can even cost up to hundreds of dollars. But can you believe all the hype?

Again most of these turn out to be just expensive moisturizers which don’t deliver. You need to read the way that it is advertised. They tend to use the words like ‘appears’ or ‘gives the appearance of’.


Specialist Eye Serums

There are now a number of well established products that have been developed and manufactured by small companies that specialize solely in one product. They will have put everything into refining the product but don’t have the advertising budget of the big names. One of these is Elite Serum, or Elite Eye Serum.

These are products that cannot be bought over the counter as there is not enough profit within the big drug stores to stock them, and the companies don’t want to lose the control over producing such a refined product.

They will produce a product that has been shown to work in clinical studies. Ensure that only the purest of ingredients have been used and provide a product that is produced in pharmaceutical conditions.

We are not talking about fancy moisturizers here, these are produced as if they are prescription only products but available ‘over the counter’ by purchasing direct with them on the internet. This allows them to reach the widest audience, at the lowest costs and they can supply products almost anywhere in the world.

If you decide to purchase a product like the Elite Eye Serum, you need to read all the ‘real’ reviews about it. What real people are saying! A product like this can instantly hit the headlines, but if people find they don’t work, then they will literally be destroyed by adverse comments on the Internet. This is the beauty of the world wide audience on the web.

The one thing that caught my eye about Elite Serum was that they manufacture products in pharmaceutical conditions to the very high standards that are set by the FDA. You cannot get any better that that!


What can You Do To Reduce Wrinkles?

There are certain things that you can do also do to help reduce wrinkles and these include:

      • Living a healthy lifestyle
      • Eating and drinking sensibly
      • Avoiding smoking and excess alcohol
      • Protecting your skin from direct sunlight
      • Getting enough sleep


In Summary


      • You must avoid being taken for a ride by the big advertising budgets of the big brand names – read through the so called celebrity endorsements.
      • Look at the list of ingredients in the product. These will be listed in order of content volume. Water tends to be one of the key ingredients on a lot of these and will also go under the name of ‘aqua’ and the like.
      • Look out for ‘argireline’ and peptides, like matrixyl – these are the products that have been clinically proven to work.
      • Look out for for vitamins like vitamin A (Retinol and Retinoid), Vitamin E to name just a couple.


I hope that this article has helped you in finding a product that can really work for you.

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